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How Inception Keeps Me Coming Back

In this video essay, I discuss what it is about Inception that keeps me coming back over and over again, even 11 years after its release.

Annette — Enchantingly Beautiful

For such a seemingly inaccessibly film, so much of its metaphor and meaning is right there on the screen and easy for you to uncover.

The Last Jedi and the Deconstruction of Faith

I address my first controversial topic in this video essay with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But I explain why it’s resonated so much with me since it was released.

Joe Bell — It Tries So Hard

You can feel the earnestness and sincerity behind everything, but it all feels a bit too incongruous.

Lion — Review

It’s beautiful in both heart and appearance

Black Widow — Review

It’s time for me to acknowledge this franchise as a whole just isn’t my thing anymore.

Zola — Review

Zola is the first time I’ve seen an A24 movie that felt like it was parodying the studio.


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